Practice Philosophy

We care about people. That is why we are here, and caring for them is our business: Therefore, we acknowledge their care to be our primary concern. And, we will share with them those things we know to be of value. And, therefore, we will orchestrate our activities to help them in all ways which we can.

We look at our patients as friends and clients rather than as single patients. Therefore, we will extend courtesy and consideration to all our relationships and will expect the same in return.

We value the fundamental integrity of all people. Therefore, we enter all relationships with trust. And, therefore, we will not be judgmental of anyone nor their values and will communicate openly and honestly.

We understand that there is a risk in all relationships. Therefore, we recognize that the opportunity for failure is always present, and failure should occur when we have failed with values clarification.

We believe in comparative values. Therefore, We expect a fair exchange between all parties. We are fundamentally oriented to a wellness. Therefore, our activities are directed to those things that can enhance our patient’s ability to be well.

We believe that illness is not to be presumed. Therefore, our actions must primarily be oriented to an understanding and correction of those factors that deny wellness.

We believe that because of environmental, cultural, and intellectual circumstances not all people understand wellness and what it means. Therefore, We presume the responsibility of their value’s clarification.

We believe in the process of progress. Therefore, we presume change and growth.

We believe the process of growth is individual. Therefore, we accept people as they are. And that they will increase when they are ready to develop. And that all growth occurs at the feeling level because true learning can only occur there.

We believe that we can best serve others by first serving ourselves. Therefore, we work to gain education and improvement. And, we will look for fulfillment within our own lives.

We believe that our services reflect the philosophy of the team. Therefore, we will provide only those services that are in keeping with our philosophy.

We are committed to excellence. Therefore, we will do our very best in all relationships and all tasks.

We believe that we work best as a team. Therefore, we expect a synergistic co-operative effort by all members to reinforce the effectiveness of the team.

We are a business. Therefore, we expect a fair exchange of value between our patient’s fees and our services. And, we expect to provide adequate funds to perpetuate the orientation of our company to our philosophy. And, to do business in keeping with our philosophy it is necessary to compensate our team members so that they feel more than adequately rewarded. It is a prerequisite to realize a profit which can be appropriately shared between all team members and the company.

Based on these beliefs, we believe that we must continually enhance our opportunity for personal growth and goal achievement, and to always share these opportunities with our patients when it is appropriate to them, and when they are ready.