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Before and After Photos

Before                                                            After


Case 1 Full Mouth Reconstruction

This patient presented with a variety of problems. Including broken and worn teeth and crowns, decay, periodontal disease, dental abscesses, missing teeth. Then after a full mouth reconstruction regained confidence in smiling and chewing and not having to cover his face up in public any more. 

Case 2 Full Mouth Reconstruction

This is a notable example of why a patient should not let grinding and clenching go uncontrolled for a long period of time. This patient presented with severe wear and loss of vertical dimension (the chin is now to close to his nose when the mouth is closed). We restored the entire mouth and re-established the bite with crowns, then protected the new restorations with a night guard. 







Case 3 Full Mouth Reconstruction

Years of Grinding Resulted in This Patient Grinding Down All His Teeth
The teeth were build up and restored with porcelain restorations to full function. The patient’s bite was reconstructed to the proper physiological position in no further teeth grinding.
Note the severity of the worn-down teeth. The lower teeth were completely worn down to the gum. The lower teeth were almost non-existent. Now he can finally enjoy his food!
Note in the BEFORE photo that the patient needs to force his facial features to show his smile causing many wrinkles and appearing as though he has a double chin. In the AFTER photo, all the facial features are relaxed and the patient does not need to use any strong muscles to show his smile. The patient appears more youthful and relaxed.  In addition to having a greater look on life.

Case 4 Before and After

A lifetime of crowded teeth and decay and broken teeth

Treatment included Invisalign (adult orthodontics) Crown and Bridge work

Case 5 Before and After

A Lifetime of Crowded teeth and being very unhappy.  Treatment included invisalign (Adult Orthodontics).