Cowards Welcome

Dr. Perry caters to cowards and treats them with kindness and compassion. His entire staff is aware that the dentist is often difficult for most patients to cope with so we all try as a team to make your experience pleasant. Don’t wait until something really hurts to pick up the phone and call for an appointment. Check out the initial visit link, which describes many different reasons for your first visit.

If you can’t bring yourself to making the call to set up your visit then make a list on a piece of paper of all your family members spouses included and list the date of the last time they visited the dentist. Often if you are scared to visit the dentist then you have not had your family in either. Make an appointment for your children to visit for a check up and cleaning. This may make you feel more comfortable entering the office for the first time. A child’s’ initial visit take about 45 minutes. You can meet the staff and get to know how we treat our patients. Don’t be embarrassed to call. Some of our families have not seen a dentist in many years. We are used to this and we make no judgments on anyone.

So What Are you Waiting for Pick Up the Telephone and Give Us a Call

(631) 654-0707!  “Don’t waste another minute”

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