Once you decide to have dental implants, you want to be assured that you will receive the best possible results.  A SurgiGuide is  specifically developed for this purpose.  Talk to your Dr Perry to see if a SurgiGuide would benefit you.

What are SurgiGuides?

A SurgiGuide is a drill guide that is custom manufactured for each patient.  During the operation, the SurgiGuide is placed on the jawbone, gum or remaining teeth, and guides the surgeon’s drill to the planned implant location.  The surgeon places the implants into the drilled holes.

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SurgiGuides turn planning into reality

Prior to the surgery a treatment plan of the operation needs to be made.  High precision is obtained by using Simplant surgical implant planning software.

This software concerts CT scan data of the jaw into a three-dimensional image.  For the surgeon it is possible to travel virtually through the bone in search of the best and most secure location for the proposed implants.

The SurgiGuide is manufactured in such a way that it perfectly matches the treatment plan, turning it into reality.

A SurgiGuide has drilling cylinders that guide the surgeon’s drill to the planned implant location.


SurgiGuide:  advantages

Predictability & Safety

Complete information about the quality and quantity of the bone makes it possible for your implant clinician to determine the ideal location for your implants.  This will increase the probability for a successful operation.  Knowledge of the exact location of important anatomy, such as the mandibular nerve and the maxillary sinus cavities, provide confidence that the implant placement will proceed smoothly and safely.  The SurgiGuide helps insure that all of your implants are properly placed, using all of this valuable information.

The newest and most advanced forms of computer simulated planning make it possible to observe the desired result and serve as input for the SurgiGuides.


The SurgiGuide is custom made and fits perfectly on the patient’s jawbone, gum or teeth.  It will accurately guide the drill to the correct location and angle.

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Aesthetic results

The end result is that you will obtain an aesthetic outcome that looks natural.  This will be assured because the restoration was taken into consideration during the planning process.

Scientific studies show that a 3 dimensional plan, in combination with the use of SurgiGuides, will lead to an increased success rate for obtaining good aesthetic results.

Reduced operation time

The use of a SurgiGuide minimizes time spent in surgery since your implant clinician first performed the surgery using three-dimensional treatment planning and simulation software.

In addition, a SurgiGuide often prevents implant complications during the operation because your implant surgeon has a thorough knowledge of your anatomy.

Both of these factors combined will decrease the time you spend in surgery by up to 25%.  This increases your comfort and may even make the difference between the use of local and general anesthesia.

Clear pricing

A precise plan of the operation and an exact realization will lead to more predictable results and a more accurate pricing for the complete treatment.

SurgiGuide:  In use

Together with the dentist, the patient decides to have implants.

A scanning prosthesis is made using the planned restoration.  The patient wears the scanning prosthesis in his mouth during the CT scan.


The implantologist makes an implant placement plan using surgical planning software.  Based on this plan, a SurgiGuide is made.


The operation is performed successfully using a SurgiGuide.

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